GA 22-37 VSDË¢ air compressor


When you need the best, choose VSDË¢. With energy savings up to 60% compared to fixed-speed models, the GA 22-37  VSDË¢ is the most energy-efficient compressor on the market. It also raises the bar in performance, reliability and connectivity to support your sustainability and productivity goals – now and in the future.


  • Double-digit reductions in energy use to lower your emissions.
  • Careful use of resources
  • Minimal number of components.


  • Reduced energy consumption up to 60% (compared to fixed-speed models).
  • Additional energy savings with up to 80% heat recovery.
  • Advanced connectivity features maximize efficiency.

Strong Performance

  • Free Air Delivery (FAD) increase of up to 21% compared to fixed-speed models.
  • FASR motor equals IE5 standards.
  • Inverter and FASR motor exceed IES2 (EN 50598) requirements for power drive efficiency.

Smart Features

  • Smart Temperature Control System ensures optimal oil temperature and injection.
  • Boost Flow Mode allows you to temporarily exceed maximum compressor capacity.
  • Intelligent drains limit energy use and service intervals.

Superior Connectivity

  • Advanced Elektronikon® Touch controller.
  • SMARTLINK offers real-time, remote monitoring and optimization.
  • Multiple compressor control; EQ2i integrated as standard.
  • OPC UA available for production system integration.

Small & Silent

  • Sound levels as low as 63 dB allow for placement on the production floor.
  • Extremely small footprint ensures easy, flexible installation.

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