Chicago Pneumatic

Pneumatic Breakers

Our pneumatic breakers are available in different models and sizes in order to suit a variety of applications. There is a choice of several different shanks to cater to needs in different markets. You can also choose from standard breakers, standard breakers with a muffler for noise reduction (S models) and vibrationreduced breakers with state-of-the-art vibration dampening (SVR models). All S and SVR models comply with the European Union Noise Directive (2000/14/EC) and are CE-marked.

Chipping Hammers

From chipping to cutting, our chipping hammers balance reliable hitting power with easy handling for dependable performance in a wide range of environmental conditions. They’re designed to deliver the optimal specific bpm for light and medium-hard renovation and construction tasks.

Clay Diggers

Clay diggers are ideal for soil digging because the design has an exhaust port at the top, allowing the unit to be buried almost to the handle. These models also offer one of the most powerful blows, along with the right combination of blows per minute and weight for clay digging and rock-breaking applications.

Rock Drills, Sinkers Drills

Our rock drills are the ideal tools for all “hand-held” drilling operations. Our rock drills have streamlined design and low air consumption, which are very much appreciated. Smooth contours, side exhausts and “flat back” make them easy to handle. High performance, robustness and low maintenance costs are essential for stone mining. Our design includes a higher quality valve and cylinder-porting concept that helps maintain constant drilling speed throughout a long service life. Working parts re constantly protected with an effective lubrication system.


Many tampers on the market are designed for sand ramming only and therefore lack the full power necessary for contracting operations.
CP 0003 is well equipped to handle light to medium contracting applications while CP 0004 is designed for heavier contracting jobs.
They are both light-weight, well balanced and easy to use first class compaction tools. The butt is secured to the lower end of the piston rod. A valve in the back head assembly controls the reciprocating movement of the piston.
The hand valve (trigger) controls the air flow.


Our sump pumps are of the centrifugal type, pumping fluid by means of an air driven impeller. The pump should be immersed in the liquid to be pumped. The liquid will leave the pump through the outlet port. These pumps are designed for high performance and durability.
Both models will pump down to within only (22 mm) from the base. They require no priming and can be run continuously, or even run dry, without overheating. They can be totally submerged, using a non-return valve on the exhaust pipe or an extended pipe ending above the level of the liquid.
The pumps can be used in places where abuse and rough use are inevitable or acceptable in terms of increase in productivity. They are relatively small in size with a very large capacity and thus can be used in confined spaces.